Music always a true buddy and an inevitable part of life...

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About Music Director Valsan O.S

kerala Music Director

Hailing from a small village, Perinjanam of Thrissur district in Kerala, OS Valsan was born in 1965. Ever since his childhood, he had immense fascination towards music. His baby steps in music were under the guidance of his beloved sister, Ammini and there started the never-ending journey in search of this eternal reality.

During the course of his school and college days he was always in the spotlight as Valsan was a vibrant presence in competitions and functions through singing, music composition and even acting. The multitalented personality proved his excellence even in monoact, mimicry and many other onstage and off-stage events.

After his scholastics, he enthusiastically hovered to Aurangabad in Maharashtra and joined Gurudath SangeethaVidyalam to explore the infiniteness of Hindustani music. Simultaneously Valsan was also attending private classes from Ustad Bhandari. Then he joined the prestigious GandarvaVidhyalam in Bombay.

After that he approached and studied under numerous renowned personalities including Ustad Geerish Gozavi who was an artist in Radio Nilayam. Later he became one of the most noticeable presences in Malayali Association where he conducted mono-acts, mimicries and performed singing, music composition etc.

It was at that time he met Namboodri Divakaran , brother of Malayalam poet, lyricist, & actor late Mullanezhi Neelakandan. This acquaintance over time got metamorphosed to a good friendship. One fine day, Nambootiri Divakaram who was then working as a Shanti in Ayyappa temple inquired whether Valsan can compose devotional songs for the lyrics written by him; Valsan without any second thought delightfully agreed.

That was perhaps one of the greatest turning points in O S Valsan’s career. Listening to the compositions, Mullanezhi master was so impressed that he contacted Valsan and fuelled him with inspiration and guidelines for the betterment of his talent. His debut “Naimi Saranya” got splendid appreciation from music lovers all around. Later on, he started working for Core Soft technology Aurangapura, where he composed several “Jingle Tunes”.

It was in 2006 when Valsan returned back to Kerala and joined Karnatic music classes under Bhagavadhar Stiphen. Then he started to get indulged actively in composing Malayalam devotional songs, melodious songs and he even composed songs for media documentary film. Meanwhile, he played a role in Short film named “Abhinaya Chakravarthi” based on the life of yesteryear’s famous actor Sathyan.

Having extensive experience in composing devotional songs, he brought to light his first ever Ghazal collection titled ‘Loneliness’ penned by PSB. Through his Ghazals he has tried and virtually succeeded in connecting nature to the intangible human feelings of love, separation, grief and desertion. His Ghazals reflect how proficiently he has mastered the art of exploiting superbly the inspirations mumbled by nature and nurtured them to soothing music echoing unexplored meanings of life.

He also worked as a music teacher in Indhira Gandhi memorial school for a year. As of now he is continuing classes under Sir Chandra Bose. Valsan believes music to be an inevitable part of his life. He has always appreciated music as a real companion who has unconditionally backed him in all stages of his life. With a never quenching attitude to discover the boundlessness of music, Valsan keeps on composing more songs in search of his own masterpieces.

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